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Supplementary Repair Information

Before reporting a repair or property defect please read the following notes:

Most landlords will not accept responsibility for paying a contractor's charges in the event of a false or aborted call-out. In such a case the tenant may be charged so it is worthwhile making some basic checks yourself before reporting a problem.

If you discover a genuine problem please take all reasonable steps to minimise any further damage but never put yourself, or anyone else, at risk. When reporting a repair please provide as much relevant information as possible.


If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak in the property, or think carbon monoxide fumes are escaping from an appliance, you should immediately call Gas Emergency Services on telephone number 0800 111 999 and then contact Larards Lets as soon as possible.

Open doors and windows, turn off gas appliances and turn off the gas supply at the mains. Avoid causing sparks by not switching lights on or off and do not use other electrical switches or appliances. Do not smoke or light any other naked flame. Do not attempt to fix a leak or faulty gas appliance.


Loss of electrical power in rented homes is the biggest cause of false call-out charges. Most modern homes are fitted with electrical circuit breaker systems. In the event of a fault occurring a switch is tripped and the power goes off. These trip switches are usually located near the fuse box and electricity meter.

A switch can trip for several reasons including too many appliances being used at the same time; a faulty appliance; faulty connections on appliances; over filled kettles etc. Check the trip switches. If they have tripped you should unplug your appliances then flick the switch back on and plug in items one by one. If the switch trips again you will find out which of your appliances is causing the problem.

Before reporting loss of electrical power you should:-

Make sure that the problem is not due to a blown fuse or tripped switch.

If you have a token meter then make sure that it is in credit.

Check with your neighbours and your electricity supplier to make sure that there has not been a general power cut in your area.

In the event of a power cut unplug your appliances so that they do not come on unexpectedly when power is resumed.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can be caused by faulty supply pipes and waste pipes, damaged roofs and gutters, misuse and overspills and even the run-off of condensation from cold surfaces. Before reporting a water leak please try to identify the source of the leak to avoid calling out the wrong contractor. It may be necessary for you to turn off the water supply at the stop-tap to prevent further damage to the property.

Heating & Hot Water

A loss of heat or hot water may be due to something which a tenant can investigate before reporting a problem thereby avoiding a false call-out charge.

Make sure that electrical heaters are turned on properly and that time clocks are set correctly.

Check room thermostats and individual radiator thermostats.

If a central heating boiler is working then the fact that radiators are cold may be because radiators need air bleeding out of them. This is a relatively simple task which the tenant will be expected to undertake or carry out at their own expense.

If a central heating boiler fails to come on it may be a simple matter of relighting a pilot light or pressurising the system. Most manufacturer's operating instructions are available to read and download on-line for tenants who are not familiar with a particular heating system.

Domestic Appliances

Before reporting a faulty oven please make sure that it is set in a manual mode and not on a timer setting.

Most manufacturer's operating instructions are available to read and download on-line for tenants who are not familiar with a particular appliance.

When reporting a fault, please supply as much information as possible about make and model number.

Blocked Drains and Gullies

Tenants are usually expected to take responsibility for clearing blockages unless the drainage is shared with others. Blockages are frequently due to misuse (nappies, cotton buds, wet-wipes, sanitary towels, paper towels, cooking fat) but if the blockage is caused by damage or defect the Landlord will normally accept responsibility for repairing and maintaining the drain.

Out of Office Hours Emergencies

In the event of a true and absolute emergency occurring outside normal office hours when it is not possible to contact Larards Lets, or the Landlord, Tenants may wish to appoint a responsible contractor at their own expense but please note that Landlords and Larards Lets will not reimburse Tenants for expenditure incurred in connection with repairs except in exceptional circumstances when Landlords may agree to pay the Tenant's reasonable costs.

In reality most problems, although inconvenient, are not absolute emergencies and, in many situations, contractors are often unable to resolve a problem when builder's merchants and suppliers are also closed.

In such cases, calling an 'out of hours' contractor will incur needless expense which will not be met by the Landlord or Larards Lets.